The Passionate Pursuit of Mother Nature

Suni Skyz Farm Dairy Goats

Welcome to Suni Skyz Farm.  We believe in healthy practices on our farm for a healthy, sustainable life off of the farm.  We do things a little differently because we believe that animals and people deserve compassionate care in all aspects.  It's always sunny on our farm no matter what the weather.

We have raised quality Nubian dairy goats in a small closed herd for 13 years on the west coast of Florida before we relocated June 2, 2020, outside Crossville, Tennessee. We love and nourish our goats to create the best milk producers. Our raw goat milk is used to make yogurt and cheese. We practice holistic herd management as much as possible.

We are working on a herd full of spots. Dairyness is the most important thing, but we love spotted goats so we are why not have both? We name our goats after John Denver songs. His life inspires us to create our own sustainable life and also to protect Mother Earth. Our original herd name was Suni Skyz Farm, but we wanted more spaces for our names so we reduced our herd name to MSSSF (Martha Shirlene Suni Skyz Farm).

Thank you for your interest in our herd of Nubian dairy goats. Our foundation for breeding is purebred Nubians, but we are not so pure that we will avoid breeding a mixed Nubian to bring those favorite dairy qualities. If milk is what you seek, take a look at our beautiful herd.




News from the Farm

Transition from natural goat milk beauty products to just natural goats

May 16, 2021

We closed our natural products business January 1, 2021, as it became abundantly clear that we just didn’t have the space to operate. We are now focusing on raising our goats for the very BEST raw goat milk and the most beautiful spotted herd. Join us!

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Let it snow!

December 12, 2020

We had snow last week and it was awesome! The goats were nestled inside their barn. When the snow stopped, they came out and acted as if they had seen snow all their lives. The sun came out and they all sat down to soak it up. It was a winter wonderland!

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More Acreage, Less Space

October 11, 2020

After 4 months, we are settling in. We have sold the farm in Florida and will be closing in a couple of weeks. We will begin construction on enclosing the first floor of the house about the same time. This will give us more living space, but it has become clear that I will not…

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