The Passionate Pursuit of Mother Nature

We are closing the natural products business on December 31, 2020 (except for lip butter).  Take advantage of sale prices while supplies last! When it's gone, it's gone. Check out the Bonus Buy at the bottom of this page.

We Believe

We believe in healthy, sustainable practices on our farm for a healthy, sustainable life off of the farm.  You see, we do things a little differently because we believe that animals and people deserve compassionate care in all aspects of life!  We'd like to invite you to join us in our journey to improve the lives of our animals and our customers; read on to learn why it's always sunny on our farm no matter what the weather.

Farm Fresh Values & A Sustainable Lifestyle

Suni Skyz Farm is a self-sustaining farm located in central Tennessee and home to dairy goats, ducks, geese, chickens, turkeys, and rabbits.  Our livestock guardian dogs protect those who would otherwise fall prey to coyotes and other predators.  Our beloved goats are pampered with the finest forage on 13 acres and sweet hays and in return provide us the freshest, most nourishing milk.  We tend an apiary to help perpetuate and protect the bees that make life possible for us all. Our chickens, ducks and geese treat us to a bounty with their eggs.  Our farm is more than a collection of creatures and carefully curated items for sale; our farm is a chance for us to introduce farm fresh values to your home while practicing that sustainable lifestyle.

The Passionate Pursuit Of Mother Nature

As you explore our website, you'll be treated to a variety of our products including our best-selling all-natural goat milk soaps and lotions as well as our moisturizing lip butters.

We started selling our pure Goat Milk Soap because goat milk has a ph balance that is closest to your skin and goat milk soap will clean your skin without stripping all the essential oils. As we do not pasteurize our milk, all the natural vitamins and nutrients are also still present in the milk which will be available for your skin when you use the soap. We quickly found a market demand for more variety.  While our original Goat Milk Soap contained no colorants or scents, we have since expanded to include Goat Milk Soaps scented with pure essential oils.  We do use the highest quality phthalate, petroleum,  and paraben free fragrance oils where there is no natural alternative available. We source natural colorants from herbs, flowers, and clays and and we ensure that every ingredient we select is done so with both the environment and our business values in mind.  We know that no matter what your personal preferences for soap and lotion, you'll find something here on the farm that brings you back to nature.

Thank you for visiting us and we can't wait to see which items become your favorites.


Buy 4 Bar Soaps

Get a Thermal Treated Soap Deck


No coupon necessary. Just purchase 4 bar soaps and a soap deck will be included in your package.  Soap decks are limited so get yours now.

Soap decks can be purchased under ACCESSORIES. Read more about this great way to extend the life of your all natural goat milk soap here:

Udderly Happy Customers

"This soap is absolutely amazing!!! I have some of the patchouli soap and I seriously wanna bath multiple times a day just so I can slather myself with it lol. If you are looking for top quality, skin loving soap. look no more, this right here is the real deal!!"

 - Kari R.

Martha is Wonderful, she has Wonderful Handmade Products, an Awesome Variety & they are all Healthy Products for you Skin... When we first tried Ms Martha products my family fell in Love with them. Definitely Recommend!"

 - Jas A.

"Been buying soaps and lotions for years now and they are the best. I tried their lip balms and OH MY GOSH! They are to die for! I always buy goodies for Christmas gifts at Suny Skyz Farm! Martha is the best!!! I highly recommend her products!"

 - Charlotte G.

News from the Farm

I Can See Clearly Now

October 16, 2020

After beginning this wonderful new life on our wonderful new farm here in Tennessee, there have been changes guiding me in a new direction. While The Passionate Pursuit of Mother Nature and our goats and their milk will always be the largest part of what we do, the soap business part is coming to a […]

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More Acreage, Less Space

October 11, 2020

After 4 months, we are settling in. We have sold the farm in Florida and will be closing in a couple of weeks. We will begin construction on enclosing the first floor of the house about the same time. This will give us more living space, but it has become clear that I will not […]

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Our New Home

July 24, 2020

We made the move from the west coast of Central Florida to Crossville, Tennessee, and we are truly in heaven! The weather is mild. There is plenty of green for everyone. We have a pond with three huge catfish who are trained to come for food. There are wild rabbits everywhere. We had a baby […]

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