We do things a little bit differently, here at Suni Skyz Farm.  We believe that the best days are made when our eyes open long before the crack of dawn because country living is our way of life.  We believe that animals deserve to be treated with respect and care.  We believe that it is our duty to watch over Mother Nature the way she watches over us with her bounty.  We believe a lot of things, because if you get right down to it, we’re a family of hippies who are happiest when living an authentic life and chances are, if you’ve read this far, you feel the same way.

By combining good old fashioned hard work, pure love, and dedication to our goats, our farm, and our skincare products, Suni Skyz Farm can offer you ethically designed and creative skincare for your entire family.  Our very spoiled goats treat us to the very best goat milk available.  Our best-selling goat milk soaps contain the very best goat milk.  Our intentions don’t stop with the sourcing of ingredients, however.  Our commitment to a sustainable and ecofriendly business model extend into every aspect of design, experimentation, manufacturing, packaging, and production.  Our products are handcrafted with natural, local and sustainable practices in mind from the top down.  This includes never incorporating chemicals or detergents such as parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, phosphates, or petroleum products into our offerings.  We also use labels and bags made from recycled paper, and utilize American made, reusable Anchor Hocking jars whenever possible.  If there is honey in a product, it is locally harvested.

Why do we go through all this?  Because we believe in the power of small changes, daily choices, and authenticity.  We believe that soap can change your world.

Martha Tucker & the staff (and animals) of Suni Skyz Farm



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