And just like that kidding season is over!

On May 13, Daydreams had a set of twins. Beautiful black and white spotted kids, a buckling and a doeling. Since Isabel was bagged up we figured she’d kid soon after Daydreams. On May 19, Isabel was in the pasture and began to push. We waited for her kid(s) to arrive. Two hooves and a nose appeared and then things slowed down. We helped her by pulling the kid. It was a 10.2 lb. buckling! We needed more towels so I headed to the barn. When I got there I found Carolina had JUST delivered a doeling! How surprised were we??? I took the towels back to Isabel to find that she had delivered a second kid-a doeling. We got all the kids dried off and in their pens with their moms. We noticed Esmeralda was sitting quietly in the corner. A short time later, she kidded with a gorgeous doeling. May 19, kidding season ended with a count of 4 girls and 2 boys. Moms and kids are all doing well. Pictures will be posted on the 2021 KIDS page.