Grow your farm or homestead. Here are the goats we are currently offering for sale.

We do not sell single goats without proof of ownership of additional goats. Goats are herd animals and need at least one other goat.


Nutrition, Safety and Traits

All kids are raised on their dams until they are at least 12 weeks old.  We trust the kids to let us know when they are ready to be weaned.  We do not pull kids to bottle raise unless there is an issue with the dam.  God provided the nutrition the kids need in the form of their mother's milk.  We leave kids to get the antibodies they need from mom. We handle kids often and multiple times a day to keep them friendly.

Our herd has been closed and no new additions have been added since July 2019, except our new buckling, Cool&Green&Shady whose parents are CAE negative and Shady is isolated from the girls.  Our herd tested CAE negative so there is no reason to pull kids. Our goats have no contact with any other goats. We understand that many other herds choose to pull kids at birth and we are not making a judgement on that, but rather explaining our decision not to.

Our 2020 buck, Happy Friends Tumbleweed, is classified as Experimental since his mother's grand dam was an Oberhasli.  We do not believe that only purebred Nubians make great milkers. Tumbleweed has such a friendly personality with his heavy dairy traits and we were happy to have him as our herd sire. Along with our spotted does we are expecting beautiful, milk heavy kids!