Imagine the lush landscape of the Emerald Isle and the gentle caress of shamrock scented breezes. Imagine golden fields of Irish oats framed by wildflowers and cradled by branches filled with ripening fruit. Imagine a quaint traditional spa, tucked away under a hillside and stocked with creamy goat milk soap, fragrances that are as light and airy as a rainbow, and a sensation of peace that can’t be duplicated elsewhere.

Until now.

We have been inspired by the magic of Ireland and partnered with Fragrances of Ireland LTD. We’ve imported thirty-three of their most enchanting scents to create our Ireland Collection of Soaps. These scents are handcrafted in Ireland to reflect their rich history and lore, and you’ll find yourself yearning to learn more about each legend with each bar of soap you lather. The Ireland Collection of soap is lovingly handmade using our fresh goat milk, paired with Irish oats for a natural sheen, and finished with a kiss of Irish fragrance. We have created more than just bars of soap: We have created a way for you to capture the magic of Ireland in your hand and transform your home into that traditional spa sanctuary.

Pamper your body, nourish your skin, and expand your mind with the magic of Ireland’s mythology as you inhale fragrances that are nothing short of mystical.

If you are interested in wholesale information, please contact us.

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