Bloomin’ Dublin – Every Color Rose


A young Irish lad with more brains than braun sang to his beloved:


My Wild Irish Rose,

The sweetest flow’r that grows,

You may search ev’rywhere,

But none can compare

With My Wild Irish Rose.

My Wild Irish Rose,

The dearest flow’r that grows,

And some day for my sake,

She may let me take

The bloom from My Wild Irish Rose.


Another suitor, seeing that the lyrics soothed the lassie, took to the other side of the street to sing the same hymn. Not to be outdone, the original lad, penned a second verse:


Every color rose,

before it opens, knows,

to compare itself to you

in youth and beauty dew,

Every color rose,

rises in your name,

My heart cannot contain,

another man’s refrain,

Every color rose,

I present on bended knee,

Answer me this plea,

Wilt thou marry me.

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