Monaghan – Ridge of Snow




The room was warm with fireplace cheer

As oft’ it was this time of year

Where Maimo sat and knitted socks

To Irish sounds from Irish clocks.

While Bonnie, Darcy, Peter and Riley

Caught snowflakes calmly while spinning wildly.


Sweet to taste and giggles bare

Bonnie caught some in her hair

While Maimo sat and warmed her knees

With Irish heat from Irish teas.


Then Darcy stooped to scoop a ball

And caused fair Peter there to fall

While Riley Bleu and Bonnie Rae

Made snow angels earnest pray.


Poor Peter’s nose from frost did glow.

He made a man of coal and snow.

And Riley not to be outdone

Straight into his arms did run.


Now from a window framed in frost

Maimo counted nothing lost.

For Christmas White had surely come

And on till May the snow would run.

So there she stood and wiped a tear

To Irish joy and Irish cheer.

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