Tudor Royale’


Royal Tudor fragrance came about during a feud at a jousting tournament.

(History) Some of the feudal lands had different titles back then, but the 12 areas (and Northern Ireland which was disqualified after finding they tried to pretend to be from a lower burrough)

the ladies were tired of their husbands bragging and dying in jousting tournaments

So they wanted bragging rights among women.  They sent out an all  call for perfume makers to do a battle of scents every four years (think fragrance olympics).


Supposedly 11 fiery redheads and one golden haired lass showed up at the first event with their potions.


The King of England, Scot and Wales supposedly judged the first year and fell in love with the blond haired femme fatale.

The others accused her of brewing witchery.

She was disqualified but quietly had a son by the King.

That is where the Tudor Royale’ brand comes from.

The legend has it that the real name was Tudor Arising…and bore a scarlet A on the bottle.  Hoping to erase the story so they could win in future battles, the A was changed to an R and became Tudor Royale’.

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