Waterford – Harbor of the Sun


Before Mermen and Mermaids were known as such, they were known as Selkies. Selkie males are described as being very handsome in their human form, and having great seductive powers over human women. They typically seek those who are dissatisfied with their lives, such s married women waiting for their fishermen husbands. If a woman wishes to make contact with a selkie male, she must shed seven tears into the sea.


Female selkies, once caught are said to make excellent wives, but because their true home is the sea, they are often found gazing longingly at the ocean. In Waterford proper, the oldest city in Eire, a great Viking warrior spotted a beautiful auburn-haired selkie in distress. Sunning on a rock, near the River Suir, within a stone’s throw of the Rock of Cashal, she had torn her dorsal fin during a turbulent wave. She promised to shed her skin and wed the warrior, in Nordic fashion, if the Viking would but save her. After bearing him three human sons and a beautiful selkie daughter, she took their girl child and returned to the sea.


It is said, from April to September, the mother and daughter selkies dance at the incoming tide. Towns folk also tell of their voices calling long and low to the sons/brothers they left behind.

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