Wexford – Enchantress


A 1,003 years ago, 700 feet above the Wild Atlantic Way, in a cave o’er the cliffs of Moher, a beautiful Enchantress was born. Her father, a seaman, had been missing for a fortnight from the rocky beach where he had launched his primitive craft. Her mother, deafened from tears and the sound of the waves she was sure had swallowed her beloved, spent her days and nights fanning the flames by the fire where she warmed her daughter fair. By the age of 4, the Enchantress was singing arias beside the ocean. Though her father never returned, it is said that on nights, both fair and foul, a beautiful operatic voice wafts over the ocean’s roar.


It is said that 15,000 feathered fowl have found refuge in her refrain and that 15,000 plus one sailors have followed her chorus home.

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