More Acreage, Less Space

After 4 months, we are settling in. We have sold the farm in Florida and will be closing in a couple of weeks. We will begin construction on enclosing the first floor of the house about the same time.

This will give us more living space, but it has become clear that I will not have the room to maintain production and storage of the variety of products Suni Skyz Farm has been offering. There will always be the goodness of our goat milk soap made with fresh goat milk from our sweet girls. I will also continue to make lip butters. I HAVE to have them for my own use and know many of you love them as well.

This is GREAT news for all of you who love our goat milk lotions! Each lotion has been reduced $5.00 a jar until the inventory is gone. This is the perfect time to order lotions for Christmas gifts or other holiday gifts. Make sure you include yourself in this sale! When they are gone, they are gone.

Holiday soap scents are curing! When they are ready, you’ll be the first to know!