• Charity Soap Line

    Charity Soap Line (3)

    Support your charity while enjoying the very best in handmade soaps.
  • Classic Line Soap

    Classic Line Soap (9)

    We wanted to offer our loyal customers a chance for more traditional soaps and those that did not contain dairy products. Under this category you will find classic scents made from the best oils and butters. We have continued to offer you only the highest quality soaps for your home and bath. These soaps are for our customers that like…
  • Novelty Soap

    Novelty Soap (6)

    Our selection of Novelty Soaps refers to any of our soaps that are not handcrafted as loaf or basic goat milk mold soaps. This is an eclectic assortment of our most unique offerings and is updated on a regular basis. These soaps make phenomenal additions to housewarming gift baskets, hostess gifts, or because you want to treat yourself to a…
  • Goat Milk Soap

    Goat Milk Soap (49)

    Delight your senses with our signature soaps handcrafted with fresh goat milk! Each bar of soap within this category contains only the highest quality natural ingredients elevated by the moisturizing and nourishing properties of goat milk. We have our own little herd of Nubian and Saanen goats that spend their days frolicking, eating sweet hay and browsing in the forest,…
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