Our Senior Does

Arianna has been our herd queen for over ten years. Every goat we have except for our buck can be traced back to Arianna. Some of our 2021 kids are her great great great grandchildren! She has shared gallons and gallons of the very best raw milk with us. This blue roan beauty has had beautiful kids during the years. She has had effortless births and cleaned up every kid and then she was done! Arianna did not want to nurse her kids. We bottle fed her kids until they were ready for their new homes.

We retained her daughter from 2017 as this was to be her last breeding. She was retired and would live a good life on Suni Skyz Farm. In 2019, everyone else had kids and Arianna felt left out. We watched her jump over the fence into the horse paddock, run down to the buck pen, jump in and get bred before we could even get out the door. She has been retired once again but we just never know.

Burnt Willow Arianna
Burnt Willow Arianna

Esmeralda is Arianna's daughter. She inherited her mother's roaning and she got spots from her dad who was Shipmates and Cheyenne.  We purchased her sire because he came from roan and spots. His parents had been "flipped" by three sets of owners without any of them registering in their names. We sent all our paperwork to the ADGA and were told that we could not register him unless one of the previous buyers would register in their name and then transfer to us. We tried but were unable to get any cooperation and were unsuccessful in registering Esmeralda's sire. Because of this, Esmeralda is registered 50% even though she is a purebred nubian. Her sire's sire was Sand Rock Acres Chris Kyle and his dam was N-Acorn Sweet Tabby. Sand Rock Acres Chris Kyle was long and wide and that has been passed on to Esmeralda. Esmeralda had twin doelings her first freshening and a beautiful single doeling for 2021. Esmeralda is a dream on the milk stand just like her mom.


*Update- Esmeralda had a gorgeous doeling on May 19, 2021.

MSSSF Dearest Esmeralda 2
Esmeralda the Goat